Python Programming Specialist Certification Program

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Hybrid or blended

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Instructional Program (CIP)

Computer Programming, Specific Applications. 110202


General Program Description: Its readability, versatile data types, uncluttered visual layout, and extensibility to other programming languages make it well suited for web development, machine learning, finance, marketing, data analysis, and other data science applications. The Python programming language is Python is a popular object-oriented programming language available as open-source software. versatile and often used for both large-scale data analysis and data visualization projects, and automate smaller tasks in marketing and finance like web scraping and computation. Python is used just about everywhere, Google, NASA, Yahoo, YouTube, IBM, Microsoft, and others. Python isn't just for data scientists or Python developers either, marketing professionals, CFO's, computer science professionals and more can all benefit from learning Python.  


Our program starts with two Instructor-Led Trainings: Python Level 1 for Non Programmers OR Python Level 1: Introduction for Programmers. Then you will take the Python Programming Level 2: Advanced Programming Techniques. We will also give you two On-Demand (Self-Study Courses:  Python Fundamentals and Python Programming and Python Programming Comprehensive (Introduction for Programmers & Advanced Programming Techniques. The two formats will help you to practice after class ends. We are also including an Exam Voucher for the IT Specialist Exam for Python from PearsonVUE.


Prerequisite: This program is specially designed for individuals with little or no programming background. Those with no prior programming experience will start with the course for non-programmers. Alternatively, those with programming experience may prefer the Introduction to Python for Experienced Programmers course. 



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500 Carr Road Suite 100, Wilmington, Delaware

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1 - Statewide

Name of Credential

Python Programming Specialist (PersonVUE)

Type of financial aid offered or have access to

None - ONLC Offers discounts to WIOA Students.

Refund Policy

After expiration of the 72-Hour cancellation privilege, if the student fails to enter the course, or withdraws or is discontinued at any time prior to completion refunds will be based on the period of enrollment computed on the basis of course time expressed in clock hours. This is an exception to our standard policy.

ONLC's Standard Refund Policy


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Yes -

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$100.00 2 Books are included.

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$54.00 per hour
Required Certification: Python Programming Specialist (PearsonVUE)

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500 Carr Road Suite 100, Wilmington, Delaware 19809

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(800) 288-8221

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(302) 225-4477

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Oct 31, 2022


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