Surface Maintenance Repairer (Civilian Position)

at Delaware Army National Guard in New Castle, Delaware, United States

Job Description

WG10 TARGET DUTIES: 1. Troubleshoots, performs maintenance and major repairs on heavy-duty mobile
equipment, combat, tactical and automotive vehicles. This may include self-propelled
artillery, tracked cargo and personnel carriers, road graders, mobile cranes, front loaders,
conveyors, bulldozers, power shovels, compressors, generators, tanks, tracked combat
vehicles, sedans, buses, all terrain vehicles, trucks, semi trailers, forklifts, tractors, and
accessory equipment. Troubleshoots, repairs and overhauls major systems to include
internal combustion engines, turbine engines, automatic and non-automatic transmissions,
heavy duty drive line systems, and hydraulic utility systems and controls. Makes repairs to
assemblies and components such as voltage regulators, generators/alternators, brake
cylinders, etc. Performs work in accordance with modification work orders, technical
manuals, lubrication orders, maintenance bulletins, regulations or management policies.
May repair a variety of more complex major systems to include engines, cross drive or
similar multi-system transmissions and a variety of intricate fuel injection systems.
2. Troubleshoots equipment and diagnoses the cause of mechanical failures by means of
visual and auditory checks and/or uses test equipment such as engine analyzers,
compression testers, voltmeters, ohmmeters, pressure gauges, and computer diagnostic
tools. Utilizes embedded diagnostics in equipment and a wide variety of original
equipment manufacturer system analyzers in order to determine the exact nature or
extent of repair. Determines what adjustments may be necessary to complete work orders,
and whether any additional repairs other than those specified or indicated on the work
order are necessary.
3. Removes and disassembles engines and major assemblies, sub-assemblies,
components, and fuel, hydraulic, and oil pressure systems. Makes the appropriate repairs,
overhaul, or modifications in accordance with the proper repair specifications and
procedures. Reassembles engines and other systems, and adjusts, tests, and reinstalls in
vehicles and equipment as necessary. Makes adjustments and repairs to electrical and
suspension systems. May install pistons, sleeves, rings, bearings, rods, crankshafts, timing
gears, and rocker arms. May be required to perform fuel injection equipment repair,
overhaul, rebuild, and calibration duties utilizing a variety of complex test and calibration
4. Independently performs repairs and maintenance functions in remote locations that can
be accomplished by removing, cleaning, reinstalling, or replacing defective parts of
components and systems such as injectors, leaking wheel cylinders, corroded mufflers, fuel
tanks, brake cylinders and worn brake shoes, voltage regulators, generators, injector
pumps, and fuel pumps. Provides technical guidance and specialized team leadership to
lower grade employees within the team. Assists lower grade mechanics in performing
major repair work. May provide Field and limited Sustainment maintenance at unit
locations as part of a "contact team." Recovers and evacuates inoperable vehicles from the
unit location of breakdown. May assist higher graded mechanics in repairing a variety of
interconnected systems such as electrical, air and hydraulic systems, complex state of the
art electrical and electronic systems that use specialized diagnostic equipment to identify
problems, complex fuel injection systems and other similar complex systems.
5. Conducts readiness and repair inspections on vehicles and associated equipment
supported by the activity. Performs operational inspections and ensures vehicles and
equipment are properly serviced, including brake adjustments, replacing hydraulic fluids,
greasing, cleaning, etc., and performs other preventive maintenance operations as
required. Inspects supported equipment prior to use during Inactive Duty Training (IDT)
and Annual Training (AT), to ensure that it is functioning properly. May inspect in-process
repair work of lower graded repairer to ensure equipment is being repaired in accordance
with pertinent requirements. May serve as a commodity inspector during Command
Maintenance Management evaluations (COMET) or as a member of a Maintenance
Assistance Instruction Team (MAIT). Instructs operator/crew in the maintenance of
equipment and provides technical advice and assistance to supported units when
6. May maintain and repair electronics communication equipment by removing and
replacing components and elements. Equipment includes such items as radios, field
telephones, amplifiers, switchboards, recorders, intercoms.
7. Assists in the maintenance of production reports and records, and makes
recommendations to the supervisor. Plans, organizes, and performs technical analyses as
required or assigned. Performs other duties as assigned.
See HRO for full PDs of WG8/10 duties.


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