Research and Design Engineer

at AirGreen, Inc. in New Castle, Delaware, United States

Job Description

  • Conduct performance measurements and analyze multi-variable process data to determine the specific performance of the AirGreen technology, the individual elements of the overall AirGreen technology such as heat pump, desiccant and water pumps, heat exchangers, etc., and then use this information to aid in designing the specifically required AirGreen equipment and capacities for any new applications, including modeling the thermodynamic requirements to properly size the AirGreen equipment for each specific use.
  • Use knowledge and experience to help develop process control strategies and programming logic and code to control AirGreen technology so that it is (a) responsive to changing conditions (load, demand, or otherwise), (b) maintains desired conditions within a certain precisions, © operates in a manner that conserves the maximum amount of energy. The current AirGreen technology has a variety of process control inputs that can be manipulated to create different conditioned air properties, and certain inputs may have a larger energy consequence than others.  It is important to understand these interactions and quantify how they work.
  • Create and manage thermodynamic model to match where possible the operations of the full-scale AirGeen liquid desiccant system, engineering calculations and analysis. Run testing on full-scale pilot plant as well as use as a tool to make process design changes that are beneficial to AirGreen’s business.
  • Lead new design efforts into a variety of aspects of the AirGreen technologies. This will require a broader understanding of the technologies deployed by other manufacturers, and it will be desirable to understand, evaluate, and quantify how the AirGreen technology and other complimentary technologies might create results that are substantially different and/or better than either technology can provide on its own.
  • Implement AirGreen’s proprietary technologies for up-sizing and downsizing the capacity of the AirGreen units offered for commercial sale, materials of construction selection of certain temperature, pressure, or corrosion limits, or the combination of the AirGreen technologies with other CleanTech technologies in order to create value for customers and for AirGreen as an on-going enterprise.
  • Develop relationships within the broad HVAC marketplace in North American, particularly related to technologies that are similar or adjacent to AirGreen’s technologies. Be familiar with developments in HVAC CleanTech and be responsible for reviewing reporting on new market entrants and new technologies and evaluate such technologies as threats or opportunities to what AirGreen is attempting to accomplish. Participate in ASHRAE events, invest time in networking, and look for opportunities to participate in at least one ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC). Such TC’s are responsible for setting industry-wide standards in North America, and are generally focused narrowly on specific applications, technologies, or issues.
  • AirGreen expects all of its employees to be adept at switching between priorities when opportunities are presented, and we expect no less from our engineering positions. Be responsible for testing at field installations or at customer sites and at third-party testing and certification facilities. This will include joining customer visits for application discussions where the engineer is expected to offer engineering solutions to particular customer applications and problems.
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Posted On: May 09, 2022

Updated On: Jun 14, 2022