Manufacturing Operator

at Air Liquide in Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Description and Duties of the Job:
● Set-up, operate and maintain production equipment
● Follow specifications, job orders, work instructions, recipes and procedures to produce specific products according to our ISO 9001:2015 quality system
● Install fixtures, tooling and other parts for production machine setup to produce products using a variety of materials, according to work orders and specifications
● Align and adjust machine settings, and synchronize speeds on sections of machine to deliver material and construct product
● Activate machinery and equipment, adjust set points to control machine functions, and observe operation of machine and product to detect and diagnose cause of faulty operation; report malfunctions to supervision or work leader
● Operate equipment in all areas of the plant, performing tasks required to build the product and prepare it for shipment worldwide
● Keep machinery and equipment clean, replace worn parts and perform preventive maintenance as required
● Record product information on data sheets or computer database to complete work order
● Move material to work area and load into machine for processing
● Inspect product, setup and adjust manufacturing equipment:
● Inspect incoming materials and parts from warehouse as per inspection procedures as needed
● Inspect materials, products, or equipment to detect defects or malfunctions
● Route product samples for quality control inspection according to procedure
● Monitor gauges, dials and other indicators to ensure that equipment operations conforms to production or process standards
● Support the training or cross-training of operators that are new to the work area
● Meet or exceed the Company’s safety and environmental standards:
● Become fully trained and follow all safety procedures for the operation and use of equipment
● Maintain a clean and organized work area
● Assure proper disposal of waste materials
● Contribute actively to safety improvement programs
● Comply with all Company policies including safety, operating procedures, quality, attendance and proper on the job conduct.

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Job Posting: 961464

Posted On: Apr 28, 2022

Updated On: Jun 28, 2022