Fixed Wing Service Supervisor - King Air 2nd Shift

at Summit Aviation, Inc. in Middletown, Delaware, United States

Job Description


POSITION TITLE:  Fixed Wing Service Supervisor – King Air  (2nd Shift) DATE:  November 2021
FLSA STATUS:  Non-Exempt  DEPT:  General Aviation
LOC:  Delaware
POSITION SUMMARY:  The Fixed Wing Service Supervisor reports to the Director of Aircraft Services and is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the daily Fixed Wing operation on King Aircraft; operates in compliance with company safety practices; and performs other duties as assigned.


Guides, directs, and leads fixed wing shop operations on a daily basis, supervision of the associated work teams.
Must be knowledgeable of the requirements for FAA Inspection Procedures & Federal Aviation Regulations.
Ensures work orders for aircraft maintenance are initiated and filled out accurately; assigns tasks in a safe & efficient manner.
Monitors all work to ensure quality work.
Ensures parts and components are ordered and delivered according to product delivery.
Notifies DAS of any condition that presents a problem with parts, material, airworthiness, workmanship or schedule.
Stays abreast of current technical maintenance standards and methods, and continually monitor activities for compliance and possible improvement.
Ensures only serviceable or new parts are used for work being accomplished.
Ensures that current pertinent Federal Aviation Regulations, Type Certificates Data Sheets, Specifications, Airworthiness Directives, Maintenance Manuals and other data are available and are used.
Ensures that the proper tools and test equipment are used; ensures that the proper and current inspection guides are being used for inspection.
Ensures that all equipment/components removed for repair and/or to gain access are properly documented.
Coordinate with mechanics and designated inspectors to ensure for continuity of inspection.
Coordinates all trainings and ensures that work area is maintained in a clean and orderly manner.
Requests additional tools and/or equipment when needed.
Complies with periodic edits of work orders to determine that labor hours and parts are being charged appropriately and submits corrections as required.
Assists in final review of work orders.
Performs performance reviews.
Ensures parts/components received from the parts department are accompanied by appropriate information and returned if necessary and ensures proper paperwork is accompanied as part of a work order corrective action.
Performs functions as a Designated Inspector and ensures that all assigned inspections are properly performed on all completed work and that the proper inspection records, reports and forms as required.
Ensures that current pertinent Federal Aviation Regulations, Type Certificate Data Sheets and Specifications, Airworthiness Directives and Aircraft Manufacturers technical data are used as appropriate for work being accomplished.
Ensures tools and precision test equipment is being accomplished and has a current calibration
Ensures that no defective unserviceable, or unairworthy parts are installed on or in aircraft components or articles released for Return To Service
Submits reports of defects of unairworthy condition; oversees the preliminary, hidden damage, in process, and final inspection of all articles processed.
Ensures all equipment/components removed for repair and/or to gain access are properly documented.
Ensures for continuity of inspection, assuring completion of required inspection.
Ensures rejected and unserviceable parts are not reused.
Ensures that all inspections are properly performed on all completed work before approving for Return To Service, and ensure that the proper inspection and maintenance records, reports, and forms required for such release are properly executed.
Thoroughly familiar with all inspection methods, techniques and practices and all FAA Regulations.
Ensures prior to returning to service any equipment/component, assure that any Airworthiness Directives that may apply are accomplished.
Inspects all Avionics work that requires the qualification of an airframe/power plant mechanic and ensures that parts/components as received from the parts department are accompanied by proper documentation.

Currently manages the Fixed Wing Department with a staff of six Lead technicians and four.

Must have Bachelor’s degree and ten to fifteen years of experience in general aviation required or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Must be certified under the FAR part 65.
Must have 10 – 15 years in King Air Fixed Wing experience and 5 – 10 years of managerial experience is required.
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Equal Opportunity Employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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Posted On: Jan 21, 2022

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