Electric Superintendent

at CITY OF MILFORD in Milford, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Job Summary:

Responsible for direction and supervision of the City’s Electric Division, which includes operating and maintaining the City electrical system, trouble calls, installing of new aerial and underground lines, also performing maintenance of the existing lines. Responsible for installing and maintaining fiber optic system, as well as the operation, maintenance and coordination of the City traffic lights. Operation of the SCADA system for the electric and water system. Responsible for the installing and maintaining of the lighting of the public sport fields, public fairs, Christmas displays and the public work complex. Responsible for supervising staff, establishing long range plans, developing policy and procedures, managing division activities and events, preparing budgets, and evaluating, documenting, and reporting on events and activities to senior management. The Electric Superintendent shall be committed to the mission, vision and values of the City and demonstrate such through ethical conduct, community stewardship, individual initiative and responsive service. The Electric Superintendent shall demonstrate leadership, management and technical skills through effective communication and collaboration, proper use of team resources, progressive decision-making, personal accountability and responsibility. Supervision Received:

Work is performed under the general supervision of the Director of Public Works. Essential Job Functions: An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential duties:

A. Oversee overall management of the electric division.

B. Develop and implement policies and programs for the division.

C. Oversees the design of the electric distribution system, including new and proposed residential and commercial developments.

D. Assist in the design of electric rates and rules and regulations.

E. Meets with developers in preconstruction meetings, progress meetings and evaluates field issues on site.

F. Responsible for keeping system maps up-to-date. City of Milford Electric Superintendent Pay Grade: G14 Effective Date: February 2020 P a g e – 2

G. Oversees the preparation of the annual operating budget request and capital improvement and equipment budget planning.

H. Conducts employee evaluations; makes recommendations for promotions; deals with employee issues and discipline.

I. Interviews and makes recommendations in the hiring of new employees; oversees training and development of staff for work force development and to meet all areas of compliance with approved City and Division policies and procedures.

J. Provide customer service in dealing with customer complaints.

K. Oversees the maintenance, operations, and improvements to the Division’s Loam Management system.

L. Assists in the development of short and long-term plans for the operation and maintenance of the electric distribution system, and recommends upgrades for system improvement.

M. Oversee vegetation removal program.

N. Implements the approved plans and budgets for the operation and maintenance of the electric transmission and distribution system, including substations.

O. Manages and approves the purchasing and inventory of Electric Division materials and equipment in accordance with City policies; oversees and approves the bidding out of material, equipment, and services; approves requisitions and purchase orders for services and material. Oversees and approves the preparation and administration of various contracts.

P. Develops Division operational procedures to utilize equipment and technology to improve productivity, customer service, safety, and employee accessibility to management. Promotes a safe work environment using Federal, State, OSHA, NESC as guidelines.

Q. Oversees on-site meetings with contractors, for new services, upgrades and maintenance. Analyzes outage reports, including duration and frequency of outages on a regular basis to identify service reliability problems; implements methods of improving service reliability.

R. Oversees and approves the preparation of environmental reports such as SARA and Annual PCB Report and Oil Management Program.

S. Works with other Divisions and City Departments in coordination of work and programs.

T. Assist in various duties after hours as required, including on-call, special events, and weather-related emergencies.

U. Attends meetings, courses, and seminars to facilitate training and to keep informed with current and future industry standards. Participates in general and supervisory staff meetings, strategic planning, developer and pre-construction meetings, DEMEC, and other meetings as required as a representative of the Electric Division.

V. Performs related work as required.


• Considerable experience in electrical distribution theory and practice

• Understanding of SCADA systems theory and operationCity of Milford Electric Superintendent Pay Grade: G14 Effective Date: February 2020 P a g e – 3

• Contemporary principles and practices for electric division operations and service delivery, including leadership ability and strategic planning.

• Electric operations including budget planning/development and monitoring practices. • Local government practices and procedures including public administration and personnel management (such as employee supervision, training, and performance evaluation) as well as public sector procurement procedures.

• Management principles and practices necessary to plan, analyze, develop, direct, and evaluate programs, administrative policies, organizational structures, and the various safety practices.

• Principles and processes necessary to accomplish organizational change in a highly traditional work environment.

• Emergency management principles and practices.

• Federal, state, and local laws, codes, regulations, and standards governing the delivery of public works department services. Skills

• Communication- Communicate effectively and tactfully with fellow employees and the public.

• Time management-Able to efficiently and safely complete work in a timely fashion.

• Thorough knowledge and ability to use Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, SCADA and Load Management software Abilities

• Supervise, train, and develop employees effectively.

• Plan, organize, direct, and coordinate electric division operations, and motivate organizational divisions to meet departmental objectives, which are consistent with the general goals of the total organization and its various operations.

• Lead by example demonstrating a high degree of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, with a commitment to excellent service.

• Define problem areas; direct the collection, interpretation, and evaluation of data and development of sound solutions to technical and administrative public works problems.

• Coordinate and initiate actions, implement decisions and recommendations.

• Interpret complex regulations, laws, and guidelines.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with supervisor, coworkers, City officials, representatives of private/public entities in the community or other agencies, as well as citizen groups and individuals.

• Perform research, analyze findings, prepare reports and recommendations on electric division issues.

• Prepare and administer division budgets.

• Communicate effectively through oral presentations, written reports, and discussions with executive level staff, and other Federal, State, and local agencies, departments, groups, and individuals.

• Maintain composure and work effectively under conditions of high stress due to emergency situations and deadlines.

• Perform duties and responsibilities in a manner which reflects professional judgment, appearance, and in conformance with high ethical standards and integrity.

• Coordinate complex, inter-departmental programs and procedures.

• Investigate, analyze and effectively resolve problems and conflicts.City of Milford Electric Superintendent Pay Grade: G14 Effective Date: February 2020 P a g e – 4

• Multi-task and perform with evolving priorities.

• Maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive issues with discretion and sound judgment.

• Communicate and demonstrate support and stewardship for the City’s mission, vision and values.

• Occupational hazards and safety precautions of electric distribution systems, public administration, management practices and methods regarding the operation of a municipal utility

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