Shift Supervisor

at Benedictine Programs and Services in Ridgley, Maryland, United States

Job Description

The Shift Supervisor supervises the staff and students in assigned suites or homes, ensuring quality of operations and provision of excellent care in accordance with Benedictine standards and regulatory requirements. This includes all daily activities, management of physical conditions (cleanliness, order of the area), oversite of staff actions, and monitoring all interactions with students throughout each shift. The Supervisor sets the tone for the residential area, leading by example and guiding staff.   

Need more details?  Here are the primary duties and responsibilities:

  • Consistently report to work on time as scheduled, prepared to perform assigned duties and responsibilities during entire scheduled work period/shift.
  • Provide appropriate staff supervision in all areas.  
  • With the Residential Coordinator’s input, assign staff to students. 
  • Schedule staff breaks at appropriate times during shift.
  • Coordinate coverage for open shifts. 
  • Oversee training of all new staff assigned to area.
  • Teach and assist residents with activities of daily living such as purchasing, care of clothing, snack preparation, laundry, hygiene, behavior and social skill-building.
  • Assist with the implementation of prescribed behavior intervention plans as designated for each student.
  • Plan for and participate in recreation/leisure activities with the students, including having supplies ready and available and ensuring that staff members correctly implement programming.  Chaperone group-sponsored trips and social functions.
  • Ensure visual aids, schedules, communication books, and communication devices are available at all times for students.
  • Ensure accurate documentation and completion of daily logs, BTF’s, monthly recreational forms, and other required form/ logs.
  • If required by Residential Coordinator, provide weekly telephone or other communication with parents.
  • Complete monthly calendars and newsletters. 
  • Assist with new admissions to assigned area. 
  • Ensure the policies and procedures of Benedictine are consistently maintained and followed by staff.  Work with Residential Coordinator when disciplinary actions are required.
  • Ensure dorm cleanliness and organization.  Ensure a high standard of housekeeping.  Organize cleaning and distribution of laundry.
  • Complete monthly inventory of each student’s belongings.
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Posted On: Jan 17, 2022

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