Resource Specialist

at Benedictine Programs and Services in Ridgley, Maryland, United States

Job Description

Resource Specialists assume the lead role in responding, intervening, and directing student teams with crisis situations including safely de-escalating students and assuring safe re-integration /transition to classroom environment/next scheduled activity. Additionally, Resource Specialists serve as a model and resource to school staff regarding the implementation of student BIPs as well as the use of positive behavior supports and alternative behavior management strategies. 

Need more details? Here are the primary duties and responsibilities:

  • Consistently report to work on time as scheduled, prepared to perform assigned duties and responsibilities during ensure scheduled work period/shift. 
  • Serve on School- Wide Resource Team and maintain all necessary trainings.
  • Assist in the daily operations of the Resource Room including maintaining student data-base system; updating daily records of student referrals; routine office cleaning including student used spaces; and sanitation of all equipment including quality checks. 
  • Respond to Resource Radio Codes and intervene as necessary to safely and effectively manage or de-escalate student behaviors using least restrictive procedures as appropriate.
  • Participate and lead school staff in student crisis intervention following student BIPs &/or crisis protocols.
  • Implement and model strategies and procedures to maintain safe, supportive, and inclusive school learning environments including assisting staff to pro-actively manage student behaviors.
  • Work directly with students or provide supports to staff working with students in alternative learning areas or other school environments to implement student CIPs or crisis protocols.
  • Assist in identifying and updating protocols for appropriate use of safety equipment with students in addition to training, modeling and monitoring staff use of equipment.
  • Maintain updated inventories of safety equipment including location, type, condition, and actions required.
  • Assist in researching, identifying, and/or installing safety-related equipment and/or products to create safe physical spaces and student environments.
  • Assist in monthly meetings of the Crisis Team to review and provide guidance on various student specific, behavioral and procedural topics.   
  • Monitor use of seclusion, exclusion, and restraints for safety and compliance according to MSDE regulations and in-house policies. 
  • Complete Behavior Incident Reports as needed within expected timelines.
  • Participate in Student Debriefings as scheduled and as needed.
  • Provide school-wide behavioral-based trainings to staff as needed and as requested.
  • Develop, assist, and/or provide staff development trainings as requested. 
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Posted On: Jan 17, 2022

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