Operations Engineer

at New Castle County Government in New Castle, Delaware, United States

Job Description

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Performs complex professional engineering and administrative work; does 
related work as required.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: An employee in this class applies professional engineering and 
upper management knowledge, skills and abilities to complex administrative, investigative, planning, design, 
construction, operations, and maintenance projects. The projects generally involve the sanitary sewerage or 
storm water drainage systems, and often involve coordinating the needs and participation of multiple sections, 
other departments, agencies, private companies and the public. Work is performed under general 
supervision. Assignments are usually broad in scope and generally require the use of independent professional 
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative only)
• Coordinates the efforts of all units involved with controlling grease in the sanitary sewer system;
• Reviews, develops, and coordinates the specifications and purchasing of construction equipment and 
vehicles, and insures that the provisions of the sewer equipment policy are carried out;
• May serve as project and/or construction engineer for building construction projects;
• May serve as coordinator with other division or department construction projects;
• Within areas of expertise, may be assigned to engineering aspects of safety problems;
• May provide engineering analysis for I/I studies and SSES projects on the sanitary sewer system;
• May recommend, develop, design, and oversee sewer system rehabilitation projects;
• May provide engineering analysis on flood and drainage studies;
• May recommend, develop, design and oversee flood control, drainage improvement, and erosion and 
sediment control projects;
• Promotes an ongoing attitude of dedication to excellent public service and ensures that external and 
internal customers are provided with the highest quality of service;
• May provide engineering analysis on pump station capacity studies;
• May recommend, develop, design, and oversee pump station improvement projects;
• Provides professional engineering consultation, project management, and advice on related projects;
• Investigates various problems and develops policies and codes;
• May supervise subordinate professional, technical, and support staff;
• Operates a data processing terminal, personal computer and other related equipment in the course of the 

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Posted On: Nov 16, 2021

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