Property Manager

at East Coast Property Managemnt in Seaford, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Implement all company personnel and procedural directives. 
• Supervise, train, and motivate all on-site employees. 
• Assure the workplace is safe and that all employees are aware of safety procedures and any 
equipment necessary is available and being properly used. 
• Meet with the Regional Manager annually, or more frequently, as needed, to review the job 
performance of staff members. 
• Document any employee’s unacceptable job performance and discuss such matters with the 
Regional Manager. 
• To be notified by staff members when they will not be at work and assure the smooth operation 
of the property during their absences. 
• Regularly meet with maintenance personnel to update them on any anticipated vacancies and 
other matters regarding the physical maintenance of the property. 
• Record absences and sign time sheets prior to payroll submission. 
Updated – 12/20
Job Description – Property Manager Page 2
• Manage the property in a professional manner that reflects East Coast Property 
Management’s polices. 
• Follow all company policies regarding lease violations and appear in court as the property’s 
representative. Ensure Regional Manager is aware of court dates. 
• Notify the Regional Manager and participate in any informal hearings when requested by a 
tenant or applicant. 
• Respond to any emergency and report such events to the Regional Manager. 
• Regularly inspect the property – walking the grounds and inspecting vacancies. 
• Notify the Regional Manager of any concerns about the property and make suggestions based 
on first-hand knowledge and maintenance department input. 
• Maintain full occupancy of the property in accordance with policies and procedures outlined in 
the operations manual. All units should be ready for occupancy within 10 days and leased 
within 30 days. 
• Maintain tenant files, waiting lists, computer files, and other recordkeeping in a neat and 
organized manner. 
• Stay within the property’s budget and obtain the Regional Manager’s approval for any 
purchases exceeding $300.00. 
• Approve all purchase orders. 
• Prepare month-end submissions for the property and assure that all month-end paperwork is 
submitted to the accounting department no later than the 3rd day following the end of each 
• Deposit all money received on the day of receipt and immediately notify accounting of the 
• Make every possible effort to collect full monies owed from each tenant and to file for 
nonpayment, when necessary. 
• Maintain and disburse petty cash only for authorized purposes. Submit monthly report to 
• Review all bills and invoices to ensure accuracy prior to accounting submission. 
• Ensure that East Coast Property Management receives all bills on a weekly basis. 
• Prepare and submit all required reports. 
• Attend any meeting, seminar, or workshop as notified. 
• Oversee outside contractors working on the property and ensure work is complete prior to 
• Contact the Regional Manager regarding any concerns with contractual service providers. 
• Meet with the Regional Manager to discuss the annual budget for each property. 
• Report any insurance claims to Asset Management designated representative and the 
Regional Manager.
• Schedule inspections twice a year for each property and participate in the inspection team and 
notify tenants of the results. Units found with concerns will need to be reviewed on a more 
regular basis and action taken to correct issues. 
• Participate in any governmental agency, investor inspection, or review of the property and 
assure the property is prepared for such review. 
• Oversee implementation of rent increases. 
Updated – 12/20
Job Description – Property Manager Page 3
• Qualify all potential tenants as per the procedures outlined in the operations manual following 
the procedures in a uniformed manner for every applicant. 
• Read the operations manual and employee handbook. 
• Regularly meet with the Regional Manager to keep updated on all policies and regulations 
governing the property. 
• Provide the Regional Manager and Director of Asset Management with a preventative 
maintenance schedule; prepared with the input of the maintenance staff. Ensure schedule is 
adhered to. Provide reports as requested. 
• Provide the Regional Manager and Vice President with an updated emergency call list 
whenever there is a change. 
• Maintain monthly newsletter to ensure communication with tenants. Submit copies of 
newsletters monthly to the Regional Manager and Vice President. 
• Position may require the use of personal vehicle for East Coast Property Management travel. 
Employees must maintain a valid driver’s license and auto insurance. 
• Abide by and comply with East Coast Property Management’s personnel manual. 
• Courteous and businesslike manner in dealing with the public and co-workers. 
• Maintain professional quality written correspondence, memos, proposals, etc. 
• Maintain professional quality oral communication. 
• Work individually with diligence to accomplish established work plan and objectives. 
• Work to provide solutions to better our communities.

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Posted On: Oct 13, 2021

Updated On: Nov 13, 2021