Production Technician II

at Edgewell in Dover, Delaware, United States

Job Description

The primary purpose of the position is to meet safety, quality and production goals (including scrap and uptime), set-up and operate equipment to specifications.  Monitor and respond to changes in the process, make adjustments to equipment to optimize the process and maintain quality standards.  Perform inspections to the product and process to ensure specifications are met.  Complete minor repairs and assist Mechanic with major repairs.  Work effectively within a team environment and support other team members to achieve individual, team, department, and plant goals.  Exhibit core values of Safety, Compliance, TeamWork, Initiative, Respect, Passion, and Integrity at all times.



  1. Comply with all safety work rules at all times. Actively participate in safety initiatives.
  2. Comply with all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Documentation Practices (GDP) rules. 
  3. Operate equipment and perform adjustments to ensure that all uptime and scrap goals (OEE) are achieved.
  4. Monitor the process and inspect the product to ensure it meets quality specifications.
  5. Complete all required documentation, including standard forms for product traceability, in a clear, concise, and accurate manner to meet compliance requirements.
  6. Adheres to Standard Work Practices and performs work consistently with established procedures/work instructions.
  7. Respond to equipment stops and out-of standard conditions quickly to keep the process operating at high level of efficiency and effectiveness.
  8. Perform minor repairs to equipment, including replacing normal wear components, and works along-side of the Mechanic when performing major repairs.
  9. Perform machine change-overs and assist with conversions.  
  10. Effectively communicate with incoming and off-going shifts, Group Leaders/Area Leaders Supervisors and team members.
  11. Lead/participate in meetings (including daily Tier I) with team members, to problem solve, establish action plans and follow up to resolve issues.
  12. Maintain good housekeeping, 5S processes, and follow CLAIR document requirements to maintain a safe, clean and efficient work environment.
  13. Actively participate in Continuous Improvement (CI), Lean, and cost reduction initiatives. 
  14. Participate in the NCM and failure investigation process. 
  15. Be trained as an OJT Trainer and conduct training as required.  
  16. Work overtime, flexible hours, and weekends, as needed or required.

      17.   Other duties as assigned


  • Be aware of and follow the Environmental Policy and EH&S work instructions/procedures that apply to the job.
  • Perform every job safely, for the benefit of self, co-workers, contractors, and for the protection of facilities. This includes the use of required personal protective equipment and use of safety equipment/devices, guarding, as well as safe work practices.
  • Immediately report every job related injury or illness, regardless of severity, to a team leader/supervisor.
  • Assist in investigating accidents as directed by your supervisor.
  • Take necessary actions to correct or stop any unsafe conditions or practices.
  • Actively participate in safety meetings and training.
  • Review and become familiar with the contents of the SHARP Manual.
  • Review Material Safety Data Sheet instructions before working with any chemical product.
  • Maintain work area in safe condition by ensuring the work area is clean and orderly. 



  • Accurately and timely complete all Quality checks and properly document.
  • Colleagues are responsible for their own quality and that of colleagues within their span of control.
  • Colleagues are responsible to follow all established Quality procedures and instructions.
  • Notify supervision for corrective action if and when defects are found and/or parts/processes do not conform to specifications.
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Posted On: Oct 18, 2021

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