Fast-Food Worker

at Arby's Restaurant in Georgetown, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Fast food workers are involved in serving customers in restaurants, cafeterias, and other fast-food outlets. Some of the workers are solely responsible for serving food, while others undertake other kitchen tasks like dish washing, cleaning the counters, or managing the cash counter.


Fast food workers work on priority basis and attend the customers on time for winning their trust. In the hospitality industry, customers are treated with utmost importance, and hence it becomes necessary to not annoy the customers by any means. Fast food workers must maintain the quality of services offered to their customers.

The key responsibilities of a fast-food worker comprise:

  • Attending customers as quick as possible, greeting them accordingly, and making them feel comfortable in the ambiance of the fast-food outlet
  • Taking fast-food order as per customer request, requesting the same to the food preparation counter, ensuring the quick preparation of the food requested, and delivering the same to the customer in a timely manner
  • Selecting the requested items from preparation counter appropriately, assembling the same in a serving tray / take away bag, and delivering it to the customer who requested order
  • Assisting kitchen authorities in various kitchen related functions, undertaking other kitchen tasks like dish washing, and cleaning the counter if required
  • Notifying the kitchen authorities about the special order and / or product shortage, ensuring the appropriate delivery of special order to the customer, and informing the same to the customer in case of unavailability of that order
  • Operating cash counter for receiving the exact bill amount from the customer, managing the cash flow by registering the amount transactions on a daily basis, taking payment from customers by cash or card (credit card / debit card), and providing exact change to the customer if the payment is made by cash
  • Operating the billing transactions accurately by verifying the amount displayed on electronic cash calculator and peripheral electronic data processing unit, and operating the multi counting machine for recording the order and computing the bill simultaneously without hassle
  • Complying with the standards of customer service for providing better services to the customer, expressing humble behavior towards customer, taking customer complaints (if any) accordingly, and resolving the same in a graceful manner
  • Provide proper information to the customers about food menu availability, persuading the customers for trying fast food from their special menu, and looking for opportunities to serve their customers with up sell menu for increasing the profitability
  • Serve beverages and cold drinks to customers using drink dispensing machine, serving desserts and milk shakes using frozen custard machine / milkshake dispenser, serving hot beverages using coffeemaker or automatic water heater, and securing lids on beverages properly before placing them on the serving tray / take away bag
  • Handle cash payments as per cash handling policies provided by the manager, following the guidelines accordingly before handing out the discount coupons, and checking the clauses correctly before accepting any discount coupon provided by the customer
  • Clean the customer area properly after the customer departs, bringing the used containers and serving trays back to the counter, and disposing the disposable containers in bins for maintaining cleanliness in the eating area
  • Perform miscellaneous duties like transferring the supplies and equipment between storage and work area by using hand carts, and cook a portion of fast food like French fries if required
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