Dietary Aide

at Little Sisters of the Poor in Newark, Delaware, United States

Job Description

The Dietary Aide will perform duties which are of a routine nature as support personnel in the dietary service program.  These services are consistent with the Home's standards and philosophy and are in compliance with all regulations, codes, policies and procedures that govern the facility.   The Dietary Aide will:
  • Follow state and federal regulations as outlined in the Home’s policies and procedures for Dietary Service, infection control, equipment usage, food storage, food distribution and food service under sanitary conditions
  • Be required to understand essential components of therapeutic diets related to setting the table with condiments (seasonings, beverage and dairy products) and assisting in meal service
  • Pick up food carts on schedule from the kitchen and serve at designated temperatures according to code
  • Check that garbage and refuse container(s) in kitchenette (pantry) area to assure they are kept in good condition (no leaks) and waste is properly contained in dumpsters and disposed of at designated times
  • Use proper hand-washing techniques at all times and when/as often as required by state and federal regulations and Home policy
  • Follow all safety, security, exposure control and hazardous waste policies and procedures
  • Set tables with all that is needed for each meal; 
  • Sanitize tables, washing place mats, lazy Susan, condiment containers, replace table clothes and napkins, etc., after each meal
  • Consistently follow procedures related to dishware, for example, rinsing, pre-soaking, safe stacking, and storage, and reports any breakage or need to replace utensils/dishware/equipment
  • Assist in preparing dishes, utensils, pot and pans for washing as needed
  • Follow procedures for routine cleaning of kitchenette, for example, equipment, cupboards, refrigerator, carts, counters, utensils, floors, juice and coffee dispensers, etc.
  • Sweep & mop assigned areas after meals as instructed, storing brooms, mops and buckets properly in storage area
  • Proper dating of food items in refrigerator.
  • Follow proper procedures in ordering and/or stocking dairy products, beverages, condiments, and special food requests
  • Meet attendance standards as established, and must be able to work holidays and weekends as assigned
  • Complete duties in prescribed time
  • Attend in-services and department meetings as required
  • Assist the Dietary Cook with meal preparation as needed
  • Perform other related Dietary Department duties as assigned by supervisor and assist wherever needed
  • Stand 85% to 100% of typical work shift
  • Lift/carry objects more than 20 lbs, and push/pull carts and occupied wheel chairs more than 50 lbs
  • Read table tickets and special order request forms
  • Deal effectively with stress created by Residents' illnesses, disabilities and the aging process, organizational change, and working cooperatively as part of the health care team
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Posted On: Oct 04, 2021

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