Facility Maintenance Mechanic II

at Delaware State Housing Authority in Dover, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Works independently and makes routine and complex repairs in a variety of trade fields
including carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical. This includes preparing and
maintaining units for occupancy including tasks such as: repairing plumbing fixtures,
replacing damaged flooring/molding, replacing broken glass windows, replacing minor
electrical fixtures, replacing removable parts on ranges and refrigerators, replacing fuses
and resets breakers, unstopping clogged drains, spackling nail holes and small cracks,
painting interior and exterior trim, walls and storage buildings, minor repairs to heaters
and air conditioners, etc. At times repairing maintenance equipment or small electric
motors is needed. Staff are also responsible for the installation of replacement of
appliances, refrigerators and ranges. Exterior building maintenance includes replacement
of entrance doors, outside lighting, splash blocks, shingles, parking stops, downspouts,
repair screens, door and window locks as well as cleaning of gutters. Work also include
inspecting, maintaining, and repairing playground equipment, dumpster enclosures, and
fencing as needed, marking parking lot for handicap parking/spaces, installing signs.
• Performs routine ground keeping duties at the site including: daily grounds clean-up,
trimming of trees and shrubs, weeding and mulching of lower beds and raking of leaves,
cutting grass, edging and weeding, removal of snow and ice from sidewalks and
pathways. Additional duties include the collection of trash from offices and the
Community Center for municipal pick-up and removal of large trash from the site.
• Performs routine preventive maintenance on heating, air conditioning, smoke alarm
systems. This includes checking and changing heater filters regularly, checking the
operation of air conditioning units, and testing and replacement of smoke detectors/
batteries in all apartments, removing and installing storm windows/screens on all storm
doors seasonally as required, performing preventive maintenance on all ground
equipment and too, completing interior/exterior inspections at the site with the assistance
of the manager to insure that sites are well maintained and all maintenance is up to date
and in accordance with the DSHC, HQS, and DSHA requirements and completing
preventative maintenance according to DSHA Policy.
• Maintains work orders showing work performed, records monthly meter readings for all
apartments and the Community Center, manages and requisitions supplies as needed,
monitors and assists outside contractors in the completion of repairs/contacts.
• Assists with cleaning and vacuuming offices, bathrooms and laundry areas in the
Community Center.
• Cleans vacant units when necessary.

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Posted On: Aug 23, 2021

Updated On: Oct 12, 2021