at Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration in Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Job Description


The Health Technician (Telehealth Clinical) serves in a generalist role to support and manage telehealth operations and is typically stationed at a clinical care delivery site (VA Medical Center, CBOC, VA Outreach Clinic, etc.).


This is considered the full performance level for the Health Technician (Telehealth Clinical) position. The incumbent performs a full range of duties and is responsible for day-to-day operation of telehealth services at the assigned location and between the assigned location and remote sites of care. Assignments associated with this position include, but are not limited to: – repairing the clinical environment, which may include preparing medical and telecommunications equipment to be used for clinical examination and treatment; – serving as a tele presenter within scope of practice during clinical video telehealth (CVT) and VA Video Connect (VVC) encounters including tasks such as establishing and maintaining video conferencing connections, making introductions between patient site and provider site, following instructions of a clinician to facilitate an effective clinical encounter; – serving as an imager and clinical data manager for store and forward telehealth (SFT) clinical encounters including tasks such as capturing images, collecting data and transmitting them electronically for clinical review in accordance with VHA national guidelines; – taking measures to ensure patient care is delivered safely by following appropriate procedures for inventory management, cleaning of clinical equipment and the care environment while following all patient safety guidelines, protocols, and procedures; – completing standardized clinical questionnaires and templates within scope of training and applicable guidelines; – ensuring that patient privacy is protected by complying with all information security and patient privacy regulations; – receiving and scheduling requests for simple and complex intra-facility, and inter-facility telehealth appointments using an electronic resource-based scheduling system; – screening patients for Telehealth modality and referring patients that do not meet established criteria to appropriate care; – monitoring and maintaining schedules of rooms, patients, technologies, clinical providers and presenters as needed to ensure efficient telehealth operations; – providing patient education via approved materials; – supporting the Veteran in completing patient satisfaction surveys; – comm

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Job Posting: JC178881336

Posted On: Mar 05, 2021

Updated On: Mar 25, 2021