Yard Truck and City Driver

at Walmart Distribution Center Smyrna in Smyrna, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Yard Driver Operations

  • Drives tractor/trailers in a safe and correct manner by adhering to all regulations (e.g., company, local, state and federal).
  • Transports trailers to appropriate destinations in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Tells management about unsafe working conditions, damaged products, or improper procedures.
  • Operates tractor/trailer in a safe and correct manner. Maintains a clean work environment to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Maintain trailers by inspecting to ensure that mechanical, safety, and emergency equipment is in good working order; maintaining proper fuel levels; and performing trailer inventory checks.
  • Utilize warehouse management systems (e.g., yard management system, radio) to move trailers to designated locations within the yard.
  • Ensure quality by maintaining records, logs and forms, including any forms required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Operate tractor/trailer unit safely by adhering to all safety requirements, to include placing trailers in designated locations.

City Driver

  • Operate tractor/trailer safely by adhering to all safety requirements; inspect mechanical, safety, and emergency equipment of tractor/trailer unit before, during, and after trips.
  • Maintain records by retaining load-related paperwork, electronic logs (e.g., hours of service log) and forms (e.g., forms required by the Department of Transportation, local, state and federal agencies).
  • Maintain records by retaining trip-related paperwork (e.g., trip sheet) and electronic logs, and forms (e.g., forms required by the Department of Transportation).
  • Plan routes based on local and state traffic laws and local restrictions; follow routes according to information from maps and atlas.
  • Complies with company policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity by implementing related action plans; using the Open Door Policy; and applying these in executing business processes and practices.
  • Completes work assignments and priorities by using policies, data, and resources; collaborating with managers, co-workers, customers, and other business partners; identifying priorities, deadlines, and expectations; carrying out tasks; communicating progress and information; determining and recommending ways to address improvement opportunities; and adapting to and learning from change, difficulties, and feedback.
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Posted On: Jun 12, 2024

Updated On: Jul 12, 2024

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