at City of Dover in Dover, Delaware, United States

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Job Description: The Controller/Treasurer position is responsible for the City’s financial plans and policies, its accounting practices, the conduct of its relationships with lending institutions and the financial community, the maintenance of its fiscal records, and the preparation of financial reports. The position involves supervision over general accounting, property accounting, cash management, debt management, internal auditing, cost accounting, and budgetary controls. A primary function of the position is to develop an organized system of accounts, policies, records, and procedures and to provide data that can be analyzed and interpreted for the benefit of the Council in making decisions to achieve the goals and objectives of the City. The position formulates long-range goals for the organization; and develops policy and position papers. The Controller/Treasurer must demonstrate a high degree of initiative, anticipating the informational needs of the City Council and management. The position must also be responsive in a timely manner to specific requests made for data and be resourceful and flexible in meeting changing conditions and requirements. The position is required to uphold standards of conduct and maintain integrity. The position requires the ability to be fair and impartial when presenting adverse reports on a function, executive, or employee. The Controller/Treasurer is a direct report to the City Council. Job Responsibilities Development, analysis, and interpretation of statistical and accounting information in order to appraise operating results in terms of profitability, performance against budget, and other matters bearing on the fiscal soundness and operating effectiveness of the organization. Responsible for evaluating the performance of personnel in the Finance Department. Recommends training requirements, has the duty to keep self and staff at the highest level of skill necessary to meet organization needs and objectives, and recommends that personnel be hired or removed from the Department. Responsible for the installation, maintenance, and supervision of the City’s system of accounts. Keeps books and records on all City transactions and assets. Proposes major economic objectives and policies for the City and prepares reports that outline the City’s financial position in the areas of income, expenses, and earnings based on past, present, and future operations. Participates in the coordination and preparation of the budget and financial forecasts, institutes and maintains other planning and control procedures, and analyzes and reports variances. Responsible for review of all items requiring Council’s decision that have an impact on the City finances; ensure accuracy and completeness of financial analysis for presentation to City Council. Responsible for the management and security of all City bank accounts, investments, trust accounts, and bond accounts. Responsible for assuring the availability of funds and assets during natural disasters and emergencies. Approves payment of all checks and other negotiable instruments as authorized by City Council. Directs financial processes, Cash flow, investment strategies, debt strategies, disbursements, payroll, and other management and budgetary processes and activities. Responsible for determining that current financial transactions covered by minutes of the Council or Committee are properly executed and recorded. Responsible for risk assessment and implementation of internal controls and procurement risk assessment; Develops policies and procedures to ensure accountability over public funds. Directs the continuous audit of all accounts and records of the City. Directs the annual audit and completes the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Advises and consults with elected and appointed officials, department heads, staff, agencies, and others on financial problems, performance measurements, trends, strategies, policies, and procedures, and budgetary matters such as interpretation of budget plans, strategies and information, controls and procedures, solutions to budget problems, research projects, or other financial/budgetary matters. Represents the City on boards or committees involved in financial planning, management, or other financial issues; participates in interagency or other meetings or conferences; makes financial presentations to elected or appointed officials, department heads, staff, and other public or private agencies or groups. Possesses strong organizational, composition, and typing skills. Follow oral and written documents and multi-task. Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, initiative, integrity, and accuracy. Candidate must be detailed, customer/public service-oriented, and exercise problem-solving skills. Performs other duties and special projects as needed.
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Posted On: Apr 30, 2024

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