Motor Equipment Operator II

at New Castle County Government in New Castle, Delaware, United States

Job Description

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Performs work of more than average difficulty in the operation of one or more types of heavy motorized equipment and performs supervisory tasks in connection with such operations; does related work as required.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:  An employee in this class utilizes considerable skill in manipulating heavy motorized equipment and pays constant attention to the safety of operation in order to prevent accidents.  Assignments are made and employees are directly supervised by crew chiefs or other supervisors.  Standard procedures are followed and work is inspected periodically for safety and economy of operation.  This class differs from that of Motor Equipment Operator I since a significantly greater degree of skill is required to operate various pieces of farm and construction equipment and the consequence of error in the form of damage to the equipment is greater.  In most cases, working accessories are operated while the vehicle is in motion which requires a substantial degree of coordination with the motion of the vehicle by manipulating several controls.  Complex, special purpose equipment requiring special skills may be included in this class.  This employee may serve as a working supervisor.

•    Drives vehicles and pulls trailers in accordance with the Department of Transportation's Commercial Drivers License Class A (CDL-A) guidelines;
•    Operates a bulldozer to move earth, clear land, do rough grading, or other related activities;
•    Operates a front-end loader for loading earth and materials on trucks, for moving earth, and for doing rough grading work;
•    Operates a pneumatic backhoe to load earth and other materials on trucks, digs trenches without grading control, and performs other types of general excavation work;
•    Operates a snow plow for removal of snow from roads and other designated areas;
•    Operates a roller to compact earth or roll amesite;
•    Inspects, cleans, lubricates, changes oil, and makes minor repairs on equipment;
•    Performs the duties of Motor Equipment Operator I when not operating heavy equipment;
•    May perform tasks of a Maintenance & Construction Worker when not engaged in operating vehicles/equipment;
•    As a trainee, performs the duties of a Motor Equipment Operator III with supervised on-the-job training;
•    Promotes an ongoing attitude of dedication to excellent public service and ensures that external and internal customers are provided with the highest quality of service;
•    Operates a personal computer and other related equipment in the course of the work.
REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  Good knowledge and skill in the operation of heavy motorized equipment in all types of weather conditions; good knowledge of traffic rules and regulations; some knowledge of standard practices, methods, and materials used in construction and maintenance projects; good knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions of work; ability to deal courteously with the public; ability to follow oral and written directions; ability to make minor repairs and adjustments to the heavy equipment; ability to supervise construction and maintenance personnel. 
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  At least one (1) year experience in the operation of heavy motorized equipment, and possession of a high school diploma or GED; or an equivalent combination of experience, education or training directly related to the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must pass a Class II County physical examination, background check, and periodic DOT physical examinations as mandated by the Department of Transportation. Possession of a valid commercial driver's license Class A (CDL-A) or its equivalent is also required.  Endorsements to the CDL-A license regarding air brakes, tank vehicles, and hazardous materials may be required dependent upon the job duties and responsibilities of a particular position.

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Posted On: Feb 28, 2024

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