Operations Engineering Manager

at PCOnline in Newark, Delaware, United States

Job Description

 Work with Product Management Team and Business Analysis Team to collect, research and analyze company/market data for the entire lifecycle of various product lines to support the
general development strategy of the company. Based on the data analysis, streamline and optimize production and warehousing processes with the purpose of increasing productivity, eliminating wastefulness, reducing costs, and ensuring quality standards are maintained.
• Manage and guide the process of data collection from platform backstage and ERP system as well as review historical data for similar product lines and configurations in the ERP
system to conduct competitor analysis to help the team better tailor the product’s pricing and marketing strategy
• Manage and coordinate the process of presenting and analyzing the data using one or more industry analytics visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, QuickSight, MicroStrategy, PowerBI)
• Monitor product performance and adjust sale strategies; deliver strategic insights on product portfolio and develop enhancement plans.
• Keep good relationships with company’s current partners as well as explore and expand the business relationship with new partners; meet with partners on frequent basis to get their
• Work with the company’s WPL (Warehousing, Production & Logistics) Department to design production and warehousing processes that maximize efficiency and best fit the company’s
changing marketing strategy.
• Responsible for developing and updating the Standard Operating Procedures of the company.
• Ongoing optimization of the layout of the warehouse and determining personnel requirements
• Work with HR department to develop reasonable evaluation system and KPIs to evaluate the performance of the production and warehouse employees.
• Work with IT department to update the tools in the self-developed ERP system to meet the requirements from the operational side
• Work with other departments on multi-department projects 

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Posted On: Feb 22, 2024

Updated On: Mar 26, 2024

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