Network Strategy and Integration Lead (Hybrid)

at Merck in Millsboro, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Job Description

Shape the future of our manufacturing strategy as the Network and Strategy Development – Workstream Lead. Drive global animal health network activities, generate corporate animal health revenues, and align our AH Network with long-term strategy. Join us and be the catalyst for innovation in the animal health sector. Let’s transform the industry and improve lives worldwide. Apply now!

Purpose of the position

As the Network and Strategy Development – Workstream Lead, your role is integral to the realization of our manufacturing strategy and the alignment of our AH Network with the long-term strategy for our AH BU.

In this position, you will take the lead in driving global animal health network activities within our Manufacturing Division. Your primary goal will be to generate and safeguard corporate animal health revenues. Throughout the strategic process, which encompasses a wide range of Corporate, Research & Development (R&D), and Animal Health ventures, you will provide invaluable leadership and guidance to your team. Furthermore, you will be responsible for ensuring the smooth integration of business acquisitions into the AH network, capitalizing on every opportunity to maximize our business growth.

You will have both direct and indirect management of professionals working on Network and Strategy Development projects. Your expertise and direction will be crucial in guaranteeing reliable supply and the successful commercialization of new products. To excel in this role, a comprehensive understanding of Operations, Manufacturing & AH Divisional Strategy and objectives, key company business processes, as well as financial, business, manufacturing, and technical processes/issues is essential.

The utmost importance is placed on your adherence to Company and Divisional policies, ethical business practices, and all relevant laws and regulations. By upholding these standards, you will carry out your functions and responsibilities with integrity and contribute to the overall success of our organization.

Welcome to our team

You will be part of a team responsible for developing, evaluating, and implementing the manufacturing strategy for the Animal Health (AH) Network, aligned with the long-term strategy for the AH Business Unit. In addition, you will oversee all activities related to the integration of business acquisitions into the AH network. Our ultimate goal is to pre-position the manufacturing network to ensure the long-term uninterrupted and compliant supply of Animal Health products and services at an appropriate cost to our customers worldwide.

Primary responsibilities, but are not limited to

Develop, drive, and execute the Global Animal Health Manufacturing (GAHM) Strategy:

+ Coordinate GAHM strategy, metrics, and cross-functional projects.

+ Ensure integrated execution and communication of network-related activities.

+ Take final responsibility for the execution of LM-related network projects.

+ Organize and chair LM governance meetings to track, escalate, prevent, and resolve network issues.

Develop and oversee the long-term network strategy:

+ Align the network strategy with the AH and manufacturing strategy.

+ Identify critical needs and gaps across the organization to enable strategy achievement.

+ Support ongoing Business Development activities.

+ Coordinate and oversee the integration of newly acquired sites into the AH network.

Strategically engage and build relationships with internal customers:

+ Act as a clear and known strategic point of contact for internal customers.

+ Educate internal customers on the strategic value proposition.

+ Understand the business priorities of internal customers.

Create a “seat at the table” with key senior business leaders:

+ Manage expectations and provide transparency regarding work prioritization and delivery timelines.

+ Drive exposure of GAHM strategy and recommended direction.

Establish management systems to capture, tr

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Posted On: Oct 06, 2023

Updated On: Dec 11, 2023

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