Truck Driver

at Kuehne Chemical Compnay,Inc in Delaware CityDelaware City, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Classification:  Full Time/Non-exempt
Reports to:  Transportation Supervisor


Ø  Must be able to read and write.
Ø  Must be certified with Commercial Drivers License (CDL), Class A with X endorsement. (X=Tanker & Hazardous Material)
Ø  Must qualify for and maintain TWIC security clearance.
Employees must provide the Company with a cell phone number for notification of business changes and will be paid $20/month.

Ø  Must be trained in the properties and safe handling of:

·  Caustic Soda
·  Sodium Hypochlorite
·  Chlorine
·  Hydrogen
·  Sulfur Dioxide
·  Wastewater
·  Hydrochloric Acid
The Truck Driver position involves operating the necessary equipment to deliver products to customers or move products between terminals or manufacturing sites for production.

The following list delineates the duties and responsibilities in addition to driving:

Must perform pre-trip inspection on tractor and tanker or trailer before moving vehicle each day.
Must complete DVIR (post-trip inspection report) at the conclusion of each day’s work.
Must check Bills of Lading prior to leaving facility to assure destination, product strength and all customer requirements are met.
Must advise loader of the proper amount of product to be delivered and in the case of bulk chemicals, the strength and grade of the product, i.e. 15% or 20% Sodium Hypochlorite, Rayon or Mercury grade of Caustic Soda, etc.
Move vehicles in yard as directed by transportation supervisor.
Must accurately complete Driver’s Hours of Service Log on a daily basis and in accordance with USDOT regulations.
Secure cylinders and/or ton containers with proper restraints.
Check to be certain that all hatches on tankers are secure and all valves in good working order.
Wear all required Personal Protective Equipment in the facility yard and when unloading bulk chemicals.
Perform minor roadside repairs to pass road side inspections and avoid Out Of Service violations.
Must follow customer policies while at their facilities, as long as they meet or exceed Kuehne’s policies.
Must notify the Transportation Department if delays of greater than 30 minutes are expected.
Must be capable of standing, walking or sitting for extended periods of time.
Must be capable of lifting 50 lbs. from floor to waist height.
Must be able to carry 50 lbs. for short distances.
Must be able to work in inclement weather conditions for extended periods of time.
Double check BOL information before leaving the plant to assure proper customer, location, and product.

All job descriptions include housekeeping responsibilities.  Each driver is responsible to keep his tractor clean on the inside and trash removed.

Management has attempted to cover all areas of this job description. However, some subjects may have been overlooked and not described.  In the event that a specific task has not been described, the person working in this job description will perform the tasks assigned by management and a revision will be made to the job description subsequent to the job performance.  In all cases however, the job will be performed as described by management according to the written procedure.  If a written procedure is not available when the job is to be performed, verbal instruction will prevail until a written procedure can be accomplished


This position description is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of responsibilities, skills, or working conditions associated with this position.  While this position description is intended to reflect the position's activities and requirements accurately, management reserves the right to modify, and or remove duties as necessary.

Kuehne is an equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/Disabled/Veteran)

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Posted On: Sep 29, 2022

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