Public Works Equipment Operator (Streets)

at CITY OF MILFORD in Milford, Delaware, United States

Job Description

Job Summary: Responsible for maintaining streets and roadways, maintenance and operation 
of sewer and water systems; Performs routine unskilled manual labor; Operates various refuse 
collection equipment and construction equipment including backhoe, tractors, street sweeper, 
automated refuse collection truck and dump trucks as needed.
The Public Works Equipment Operator shall be committed to the mission, vision and values of 
the City and demonstrate such through ethical conduct, community stewardship, individual 
initiative and responsive service. The Public Works Equipment Operator shall demonstrate 
leadership, management and technical skills through effective communication and 
collaboration, proper use of team resources, progressive decision- making, personal 
accountability and responsibility.
Essential Job Functions: An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of 
the following essential duties:
A. Operates a variety of motor vehicles and equipment including trucks with a rated capacity 
of more than 26,000 lbs. gross weight, street sweepers, sidewalk plows and sweepers, 
asphalt rollers and other similar equipment. Operates air compressor and related 
attachments, concrete mixers, lawn mowers, and other light equipment. 
B. Performs pre/post inspections for vehicles to ensure proper operation; reports any 
malfunctions to supervisor and Head Mechanic. 
C. Assist in the maintenance of City sidewalks. Prepares roadways for paving by contractors. 
Performs pothole and pavement repair. Participates in annual street sweeping program. 
D. Participates in all snow and ice removal operations and other emergencies as declared by 
the Public Works Department. 
E. Participates in the annual leaf collection program. 
F. Assist in the maintenance and construction of the storm water collection system. 
G. Installs and maintains streets and traffic signs/posts. 
H. Paint parking lot lines and crosswalks.
I. Paint, repair and service fire hydrants. 
J. Replace meter pits. 
K. Install, repair, and replace water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and stormwater lines and 
L. Operates small hand tools such as pipe saws and jackhammers. 
M. Maintains operation of sewer manholes. 
N. Performs water valve maintenance. 
O. Load and unload gravel, dirt, timber, chemicals, and other materials, tools and equipment.City of Milford
Public Works Equipment Operator
Pay Grade: G05
Effective Date: January 2021 P a g e – 2
P. Performs tree maintenance by removing hazardous branches and limbs. 
Q. Digs shallow trenches and ditches for water and sewer line maintenance. 
R. Cleans catch basins and manholes. 
S. Responsible for picking up trash and debris on public property and streets. 
T. Performs various roadway repairs including streets, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. 
U. Directs traffic during periods of traffic congestion and emergency-related events. 
V. Performs basic truck cleaning and maintenance. 
W. Checks equipment and vehicles (less than 26,000 lbs. gross weight) for safety and mechanical 
issues prior to operating.
X. Works scheduled on-call duties and after hours, as needed, for special events and
weather- related emergencies.
Y. Assist the other divisions of Public Works when necessary as directed by the Streets 
& Utilities Supervisor. 
Z. Performs related work as required.
Essential Functions, Qualifications, & Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) for Employment: 
An employee in this class must have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities upon 
• Heavy and light equipment operation and maintenance.
• Safety standards. 
• Operation of backhoe/loader, sewer flusher/vacuum truck, automated refuse truck, leaf 
vacuum, asphalt sealer, paint machines, dump truck with snow plows, street sweeper, 
lawn mowers. 
• Time management.
• Multi-task and work independently.
• Understand and abide by all safety rules.
• Communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.
• Physical ability to lift more than 50 pounds. 
• High attention to detail. 
• Proficient computer skills. 
• Effectively handle complaints from customers. 
• Understand and follow specific oral and written instructions. 
• Work and operate a motor vehicle in all types of weather. 

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